How to Make Custom Ceiling Medallions Using a Ready Made Picture Frame




Ceiling medallions  bring attention to the “fifth wall” in a room:  The ceiling.

What are ceiling medallions? Simply put, ceiling medallions frame a light fixture or ceiling fan and add interest to flat surfaces on a ceiling.

Ceiling medallions are commonly found at Home Depot, Lowe’s and other big box home improvement centers, however, why settle for something that can be “commonly found?” Create your own ceiling medallion using an empty picture frame and some paint.

For example, why settle for blah ceiling medallions such as “Westinghouse”    

or  ”Rotunda”      … when you can have a ceiling medallion like this:

Ceiling fan medallion created with an empty picture frame and some paint




Notice the gleam of metallic paint applied to the ceiling inside the picture frame

           Distant view of ceiling medallion 22 x 26-in. frame


  • Select a wood picture frame with a larger circumference than you think you’d like. Trust us, once the frame gets installed on the ceiling, you’ll wish it were larger. Even the 22 x 26-in. frame pictured above would look better larger…ALSO, CONSIDER ADDING A SECOND FRAME OUTSIDE THE FIRST FRAME FOR A LAYERED LOOK
  • Choose a wood frame that may be disassembled in at least one corner so that you are able to slide it through the chain of a hanging light fixture or ceiling fan.
  • Paint the wood frame a color you desire or leave it natural. The frame pictured above was purchased as is…painted white with gold distressed flecks.
  1. Use pliers to pry nailed or stapled corners off a picture frame to disassemble the frame and open one corner of the frame.
  2.    Painter’s tape
  3. Slide the picture frame upward and use PAINTER’S TAPE to tape it onto the ceiling, leaving the ceiling area ready to paint.
  4. Position the picture frame at a straight angle or get funky and skew the angle of the frame onto the ceiling.
  5.   Try Valspar Metal & Patina Glaze
  6. Paint the ceiling in colors that compliment the room. For the picture frame medallion pictured above, we painted the ceiling within the picture frame a pale peach. We then dabbed on VALSPAR® metal and patina glazes in copper, silver and bronze using a bunched up white athletic sock to apply. Works like a charm and makes mysteriously single socks useful!
  7. Layer paint colors on the ceiling for a multi-dimensional effect.
  8. Use a small craft brush to fill in the areas of the ceiling where the frame meets the ceiling and paint does not absorb.
  9. Pull the frame off gently after you have applied paint to the ceiling.
  10.   Squirt a small amount Liquid Nails® brand adhesive to the backside of the picture frame. Liquid Nails is a product that is close-to permanent and does a great job holding things in place.
  11. Lift the frame up and place it around the painted area.
  12. Add PAINTER’S TAPE along the edges of the picture frame to hold it in place on the ceiling.
  13. Remove PAINTER’S TAPE after about 2 hours and admire your latest creative endeavor.
  • Use your imagination when it comes to picture frames and paint. For example, install a white, Victorian-style picture frame with pink, purple or pale green paint on the ceiling for a feminine room or use a thick black frame with a deep-bronze painted ceiling for a masculine room.
  • Hang beads or other fun, dangling objects around the perimeter of the picture frame for a creative focal point in any room
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